800 days to rebuild 
the creative

Newmoon Accelerator

Founders and creators
entering web3
Accelerating DAOs
since 2022
Supported by the
Newcoin Foundation

Join the builders of the new internet-of-creativity.

The centralized internet was designed for advertisers, formatting business models and technologies around the attention economy. In this quest for profit, publishers and advertisers have alienated humanity and exploited creators.

Cracking the code of web3 requires a wide range of skills and networks combining product design, tokenomics, governance, marketing and cultural direction.

Newmoon accelerator is on a mission to rebuild the creative economy in 800 days, supercharging creators and founders to build startups with DAOs and high-end NFT collections. From gaming, to fashion, art, e-commerce, mindfulness, metaverse (AR/VR/XR) and the future of social, Newmoon offers an innovator first program to launch creators and founders into web3.

By joining the program, you will propel your vision years ahead, benefit from cutting-edge technology expertise via a network of mentors in the fields of crypto, fashion, gaming, tech, growth and community building, as well as technical support. The program is open to technical and non-technical teams from all horizons, committed to excellence.

Newmoon Accelerator is an official partner of the Newcoin Foundation, featured in Decrypt, Cointelegraph, Paper, Vice, Dazed, and Crypto Fashion Week. Newmoon is run by a network of insiders from the tech, crypto and cultural sectors.

Creators and founders can apply to join the program. Our community of partners, studios, mentors, devs, experienced talents and investors are invited to take part in the program, events and our Demo Weeks. To join the mission, contact Newmoon anytime or dm us on twitter.

Ben Taylor (Kamp Grizzly, EA Sports, YEEZY, Headspace, Nike); Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr (CoinTelegraph); João Fiadeiro (Protocol Labs, Netflix, Google, Youtube); Archibald Charlet (LVMH); Ashish Sinha (Amazon Web Services); Tomás Damas Nunes (Gate.io); Laurent Marochini (Societe Generale Securities Services - SGSS); Erika Mann (Ex-Meta, ICANN); Hugo Hoppman (Prada, Apple); Tony Wang (Sequoia, SSENSE, YouTube, 032c, McKinsey) ; Wendy Hammett (London Fashion Fund, London College of Fashion); Ben Dietz (Vice, Sony); Torsten Hoffmann (Cryptopia); Lady Phoenix (YESUNIVERSE, Crypto Fashion Week); Adrian Zettl (The Ventury); Marine Popoff (Mc² Ventures, Possible Ventures, Calm/Storm Ventures); Carla Puel (LeadBlock Partners); Isa Kivlighan (The Fabricant, Hedera, AAVE); Victoria Camblin (032c); Griff Green (The DAO); Mytaverse; Notion; Miro; IBM; Amazon AWS;